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    With increased citizen and visitor interests and expectations, shrinking budgets and the 2030 Agenda just around the corner (See UN SDG report 2020), cities globally are looking to secure Social, Environmental and Economic Impact and experiences for all. Using public and private spaces, by maintaining Municipal ownership of its physical assets, Municipalities can own, maintain asset Infrastructure themselves through smarter financial mechanisms that were paramount in building things like railroads, bridges and so many more community projects around the globe. Smart City / Community adoption is scaling beyond pilots and into core infrastructure and IT budgets leveraging P3(Public Private Partnership) Economic structures . Leading cities, as seen in place today in places across the UK and others with a company called Loqiva are adopting a citizen centered ethos, using technology as an enabler to create physical and digital services that bridge communities with business and council services..

    Public infrastructure is foundational to major urban centers and communities. How these solutions are delivered have come at costs that have pulled away physical assets which are now owned by utilities or under archaic franchise agreements which do not provide equity back to the Community. These poorly designed deals created long term problems which left infrastructure and innovation behind and expensive to fix, and the city no longer owning its own infrastructure.


    Our aim is to always drive success for our clients while influencing business growth through innovation and support.
    How? It’s simple: By listening to your needs.
    Here at the LucasTaylor Consulting Group we understand no two businesses are alike. Therefore, we have developed a pragmatic approach to finding solutions that are designed specifically for your business. Our reliance on our expertise is just as important as our relationship with you. We are here to focus on your concerns and develop efficient and effective solutions with clear end goals.


    Like ourselves, innovation needs to be fluid and dynamic, and we understand that our clients need the right tools to keep up with every day business operations. We know that knowledge and communication must be properly leveraged to drive success and yield results, and results is what we promise.


    At the LucasTaylor Consulting Group we are dedicated to providing our clients with superior market access and consulting services that can not only be relied on, but generate results.
    Operated by veteran professionals with expertise in Telecommunications, Media, DevOps, Corporate Structure and Urban Development, we have vast experience developing client solutions to any business challenges.
    With LucasTaylor Consulting Group, you’ll experience the benefits of a family run business with services that offer you global reach unlike no other.

  • What We Do

    A unique blend of expertise to give you unprecedented access to your market.

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    Unified Communications

    Connectivity solutions for any need, anywhere

    The needs of every company are different, and we are always molding to fit the needs of our clients, helping them to better understand their customers, build superior networks, find a sustainable path to growth and achieve cost leadership while maintaining a high-performance organization.

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    Smart Community Infrastructure

    Building smarter engagement for civilians and the places they live in

    Let’s face it, most cities are stuck in the paradigm of financial suffocation and the desperate need to update its infrastructure. The LucasTaylor Consulting Group coordinates with cities, municipalities and partners to design and develop smart city solutions, and unlock social, environmental and economic value by enabling cities to generate new revenue streams while reducing costs.

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    Community Reach


    As we currently reside in the information age, it can still prove difficult to get your message heard. At LucasTaylor consulting Group we can provide you with the necessary platforms to break down market media barriers and create clear messaging for your community.

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    Brand Awareness

    Bringing consumers to market

    Partnering with the LucasTaylor Consulting Group is like having a private in-house development and manufacturing arm. We collaborate with brands and innovators to ensure that visions become reality in a quick, accurate and cost-effective manner while maintaining the highest quality standards available.

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    Influence Change

    Social inclusion

    Innovation breeds innovation and we like to celebrate opportunities for entrepreneurship and invention. By working with us we can provide the required tools for your company to implement the changes it wants to see in the world, be it in-house, project based or global social improvement.

  • Strategic Partners

    Although we ourselves wear many hats, we also believe in a powerful dynamic through partnerships. With The LucasTaylor Consulting Group you will have full access to our vast and ever growing list of invaluable partnerships.

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    Connectivity & Cloud Services

    Sandler Partners, one of the largest master agencies in the telecommunications brokerage and consulting industry. We are a dynamic, high growth, innovation focused Company who for the last 10 years in a row has been consistently included on the annual Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing private companies. We deliver best-in-class telecom, cloud, mobility and continuity solutions from over 200 suppliers through a network of more than 9,000 sales partners to thousands of small, medium and enterprise organizations nationwide.


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    Community Engagement Platform

    Our software is inspired by academic research, environmental science and the latest IoT technologies. We believe in public data ownership and circular economies. We have been selected as one of the UK's leading technology firms by Future Cities Catapult and Innovate UK.

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    Tri-State LED

    Sustainable Energy Solutions

    Tri-State LED is your comprehensive lighting solutions provider, delivering high performance, high efficiency LED lighting and control solutions. We bring together the best products in the market today with an experienced and knowledgeable team, focused on empowering professionals to outperform their business, personal and environmental goals.

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    P3 SmartCity Partners, Inc.

    Smart Infrastructure

    Working together with city partners,P3 designs and develops smart city solutions with the goals of the municipality and its residents in mind. Through Private Public Partnerships (PPP's), P3 acts a technology-neutral intermediary, integrating best-in-breed technologies and solutions across the energy, telecommunications, transportation & mobility, security, and out-of-home media industries. As a result, P3 unlocks social, environmental and economic value by enabling cities to generate new revenue streams while reducing costs.

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    Transportation Technology

    Our commitment to sustainability is at the forefront. Our electric fleet of vehicles reduces our carbon footprint and moves us towards a more renewable future.

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     Engage in and support meaningful oyster reef / shellfish restoration projects
    Improve water quality & biodiversity
    Reintroduce shellfish to estuarine & marine mabitats
    Educate Children & Adults to create new stakeholders in healthy waters

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    exClone, Inc.

    Conversational AI Technology

    exClone's invention makes machine learning fast (like a human reading a book and learning) instead of millions of iterations (processing billions of data) such as in deep learning. The term exClone is derived from the fact the system duplicates (clones) human knowledge (expertise) by reading, then creates Virtual Experts.


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    Media for Social Impact

    Too often the wrong message is heard. As an innovative
    non-profit media organization, PVBLIC works to harness the power of media to drive social change. Pairing media space with key non-profits at local, national and global levels, they utilize existing and emerging technologies to increase awareness around important causes, and amplify there message tenfold.

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    Consumer Goods

    With over 30 years of experience in the industry, World Marketing is a leader in the development, design and production of high-quality consumer goods. World Marketing now provides a complete contract service package. They provide everything an emerging company needs for growth and stability.

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