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Embracing digital transformations

Keys to Success

The digital transformation of network operations is achieving double-digit percentage savings for wireless carriers. These new digitization business models optimize efficiency by allowing analytics to automate operations. LTG clients benefit from LTG's in-house Industry 4.0 transformational expertise. This includes supply chain uberization, which optimizes costs and improves the performance of the carrier's network and services.

Smart Community Infrastructure

Building Smarter engagement for civilians and the places they live in

 Let’s face it, most cities are stuck in the paradigm of financial suffocation and the desperate need to update its infrastructure. The LucasTaylor Consulting Group coordinates with cities, municipalities and partners to design and develop smart city solutions, and unlock social, environmental and economic value by enabling cities to generate new revenue streams while reducing costs.


1 + 1 = 200

 Our clients partner with us to support turnkey services. From a bike share installation to the building of small city install and integration to a regional program transportation authority, LTG is united under one common goal: collaboration, teamwork, and excellence.

Three Dimensional Chess

Multi-tenancy. Multi-technology. Multi-impact

We engage innovation and concepts like building blocks that connect to one another through tech. . Our business expertise (B2B, B2G , B2C, DTC) is unmatched and it has enabled us to achieve substantial economies of scale by sharing multi-vendor and multi-technology resources. We re-use best practices and centralize activities across the organization and across customers.

INfluence Change

Social Inclusion

 Innovation breeds innovation and we like to celebrate opportunities for entrepreneurship and invention. By working with us we can provide the required tools for your company to implement the changes it wants to see in the world, be it in-house, project based or global social improvement.